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First Poem of 2012

So here we are my friends, the start of 365 A year where wells dry up, things grow old and die. The beeper, and records even rabbit ears. seem so long ago The cell, mp3’s broad cable have given our lives a glow So I’ll try to have a rhyme or two, each and every…

Military Never takes a Holiday

So as we gather up our family, our friends and all our kin… Remember the ones that guard our safety as this holiday season begins… They serve in cold dark places, or blistering deserts, lonely ocean shores. Watching out, never tiring, and keeping battles from turning to wars… So enjoy the season my friends, but…

Formula to Determine Cooling Load for Computer/Server Rooms

How Much Cooling for your Computer Room? Here\'s the Formula

Temporary Heating with Portable Heaters

Temporary Heat-The Season is Close

It’s not just the First Step

You’ve heard, the most important thing about doing something new is to take that first step..I guess that’s right, but doing a blog, or writing a song and performing it…what about painting your face in the indianapolis Colts colors..?? All of these things take a lot more than first step..anything worth doing takes an important…

Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners Water Cooled All you need is water and a drain

My Father Gave me a Present

A few years ago my Father made me aware of something quite wonderful Pretty simple but eye-opening nonethelessI am a Father Too

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Who Did this Job? Job Sign Marketing

Don’t Forget Job Site Signs Everyone Looks at your Job site Perfect 1st Step in Marketing Well you’ve bargained and bid and cajoled. Congrats…you got the job. Now celebrate that accomplishment with job signs. Don’t do like these projects on the video Contractor Marketing–Job site signs for Tough Times

You Just Built Your Best Advertising

You build your best sign on a regular basis… Your Own Project–Make it a celebration of you and your client I’ve seen so many new projects with no earthly idea of who’s doing the work. Celebrate your work and the client that hired you!!!