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Keeping Cool for a Living (Portable Air conditioners are a key)

I keep people and things cool when the weather is hot Keeping people and things cool, is what I do a lot… Is all this heat is about global pollution, global warming.? All I know people getting too hot, can be very harming. So here is the summer, we’ll be busy that’s no fooling Helping…

Keeping Beer Process Cool

While I don’t drink, have helped a near eastside brewery keep their beer processing cool. Take a look at this short video and thanks for watching. Sign up for my YouTube channel. I try and produce a couple of cool videos a month.

Keep in Mind if you don’t use the Internet for Marketing

Drieaz Air Scrubbers

Brief video on some highlights of model F284 500 cfm air scrubberAir Scrubbers from Drieaz

Water and Air Cooled Temporary Cooling Units

Temporary Air Conditioners cooled by water and air–The differences and applications

I didn’t Come Here To Watch

I Didn’t come here to Watch…. Heard that phrase on the movie, the Cincinnati Kid… He said it while playing poker, a game Dad would forbid.. Maybe that phrase is a mantra for people’s lives like me.. I didn’t come here to watch? be right in the thick of it don’t you see We can…

Sometimes it’s the Quiet

Sometimes its the Quiet Listening to Statesboro Blues, done by the Brothers Allman.. Great musicians all, listening to them is great fun… But I found of the bluesy song the portion I liked best, Is when it got real quiet, chords, bass strings at the quietest The song was still there, the bass and drums…

Pancakes are God’s Pillows

Pancakes are God’s Pillows A hubcap pancake enhances what we have, as we roll on down life’s road… They show up, they’re fun..and when slathered with butter they absolutely glow… So you see, pancakes are truly Gods pillows, something like heavenly manna.. They’re good, and get better with butter, syrup even a sliced banana… I…

Mom and Dad in the Desoto

Rolling along with tears down my face, lips quivering the way lips always have.. Chuck Wagon gang singing old hymnals gets me thinking of mom and dad.. Memory of Dad singing high and nasal and Mom always singing alto.. Driving to Georgia, or Kentucky, cruising down in the Desoto The songs were not complicated, no…

Duluth Vest is Best